What is Good Bathroom Lighting?

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Good bathroom lighting has the flexibility to adjust to the task at hand whether people are getting ready for the day or winding down at night. The lighting needs to be bright enough to accommodate all activities by the vanity and shower areas, yet dim down as the occasion calls for it.

In general, bathrooms call for symmetrical lighting positioned along the walls rather than a single fixture overhead. The layout of each bathroom determines how to best add these elements to achieve the desired effect at every corner of the room.

Balance is key when optimizing the bathroom lighting in any household. Less is not necessarily more, however, though it is still possible to overdo it. An excellent lighting layout for a bathroom might include:

  • Soft overhead lighting from multiple fixtures
  • Bright task lights around the mirror
  • Additional task lights around the tub and shower area
  • Accent lights to dress up key decorative elements

To achieve true balance in the bathroom lighting design, always aim to create layers of light. As household members switch between activities, they can adjust the lighting with the flick of a switch, creating their ideal atmosphere. Dimmer switches are another way to allow for the quick customization of the lighting in the room at any given time.

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