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For this year 2019, we are choosing Lotus LED Lights as the mot innovative manufacturer when it comes to LED Downlights. That`s not just because they were the first company to create the Slim LED Panels, But because they are able to deliver on their innovation, time and time again we have seen Lotus out performing any brand with their LED Downlights, and never had we had encountered them running out of stock of any item, 

About Lotus LED Lights

Specializing in Slim Recessed LED Lighting fixtures since 2008, Lotus LED Lights Provides excellent customer service while staying ahead of the competition by designing new innovative LED lighting fixtures.

Lotus LED products are known for their reliability, quality and fast installations.

Lotus LED Lights is the original manufacturer that introduced the 1/2″ thin LED panels with external driver in junction box to North America in 2010. Due to easy installation, time saving and good lighting results, this design has become the preferred choice for most electricians and home owners.

Lotus LED gimbal design is an air-tight fixture that does not require housing making it a simple and versatile option. The gimbal fixtures are patented in the USA and Canada by Lotus LED Lights.

Products branded under Lotus LED Lights are developed in Their R&D facility in Vancouver Canada, and are produced in Their factory in Shenzhen, China.
Products branded under Light By Lotus are outsourced from trusted partners.

Why Lotus?

Electrical contractors doing Home and Commercial Renovations and New Construction, told us they wished they had known about Lotus LED products earlier. Lotus Continues to be the leader in LED Downlights in innovation and Quality. 

Product Highlight

Now lets talk about some of their Greatest products. 

  • Economy Line - A great Selection of 4" 6" & 8" Super Thin LED Downlights, very well priced for the electrical contractor looking to get Quality product with out breaking the bank. These items Start with LB and will be followed by the size > Kelvin > Finish. Example: LB4R-30K-WH
  • Eyeball Gimbal - These Patented Gimbal LED Downlights are a great option for any area where you need some flexibility to adjust the light direction, They are Wet rated so you can even use them outdoors. They are available in 2" 3" & 4", with Color temperature ranging from 2700 Kelvin to 4100 Kelvin, you also have the DTW (Dim To Warm) option on these fixtures. These items start with LL and will be followed by the size > Kelvin > Finish. Example: LL4G-30K-WH
  • Commercial Line - No-more custom project pricing with high priced custom LED Downlights, with the Lotus 8" & 10" Options, you get the light output and Quality, knowing that you will not have to come back to climb up that high ceiling to exchange or troubleshoot anything. Call us about the different option available in 8" & about the 10" that goes up to 6700 Lumens


Some of the industries best accessories that every electrical contractor loves. 

  • Goof rings - Available in 3" 4" 6" & 8"
  • Rough In Plates - Many Sizes & Half sizes available
  • Flanged Rough In Plates - Many Sizes & Half sizes available
  • Extension Cables - No Place in the ceiling for your LED Driver, No worries! Available in 6` 10` & 20`

Check out all Accessories Here

Does all of this sound Amazing? We can assure you that it is! Ready to Buy? Checkout all Lotus LED Lights on our website Here . Need more Information?      Here is some helpful links: 

Lotus LED Catalog  - Spec Sheets  - Photometrics  - Dimmer Compatibility List 

wwwohBulbs.com is an Authorized dealer with Lotus LED Lights, because of the volume we buy we can offer you great pricing to make your next project more profitable. give us a call

845-751-1021 or Email us customerservice@ohBulbs.com 


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